Thursday, April 11, 2019

Rich Tasks 47: A Picture is Worth Thousand Words

Formative Assessment: Visual Analysis of a Problem
  Image Credits: Morrowind/Shutterstock

Students are given a math problem. In this formative assessment, their task is to answer a problem with visuals (graphs, diagrams, pictures, tables, figures or anything you want).

Student Instructions:
  • Analyze the problem well, understand what you are looking for.
  • Make a visual to represent the problem. The visual can be your own drawing, images from the Internet or a combination of both. Colouring is optional, but consider the appearance of the poster.
  • Develop a solution method.
  • Explain your work with sentences.
  • Show all steps of your calculations even though you use a calculator.
  • Solve the problem in such a way that a regular educated person can understand the solution.
  • Make sure you include the text of the problem in your poster.
  • Use an A4 or a larger sized-paper.

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